How to Pick the Right Cloud Provider

  As cloud computing pervades more and more of our everyday lives, it’s not surprising that small to midsized businesses are also seeing the benefits. The question is, How exactly do you go about embracing the cloud? To find the right cloud provider, you want to do more than type the names of a few … Read more

Do You Need an iPad for Your Small Business?

Aside from a few niches, including publishing, Apple hasn’t been a huge player in the business market. For the past 20 years or so, small businesses have mostly chosen Windows-based PCs over Macs — and Macs are, after all, more expensive. Although it’s unlikely that any major changes are in store, Apple has opened a … Read more

Is NFC Technology the Next Big Thing for Business?

IT professionals, get ready for yet another acronym you’ll need to learn, implement and secure: NFC. Near-field communication, while not new, is becoming a hot buzzword among tech-savvy consumers and businesses alike. This short-range wireless radio technology can turn a smartphone into a digital wallet, but that’s just one of many potential uses. Some industry … Read more

The Drive for Real-Time Collaboration

It’s becoming a familiar scene in companies of all sizes: A team works closely together, jumping from instant messages to video conferences to over-the-phone meetings. They collaborate and accomplish goals side-by-side every day — without ever actually meeting face-to-face. Real-time collaboration tools not only connect teams more effectively, but also provide considerable cost savings to … Read more

Why CIOs Are Choosing the Cloud

Just two years ago, when Ted Gorsline launched MobileVantage, the Toronto-based entrepreneur relied heavily on USB thumb drives and email to share files between devices and colleagues. “It was hard to keep everything and everyone up-to-date,” recalls Gorsline. “We always had multiple versions of one document.” And if you forgot your laptop or smartphone, you … Read more

5 Apps and Strategies for Mobile Security

For professionals and consumers alike, smartphones and tablets are quickly replacing desktops and laptops. But given the growing popularity of these devices, criminals’ interest is increasing too, bringing with it a bigger threat of loss, theft and exposure to viruses and malware. Fortunately, there are plenty of security measures you can take to stay safe. … Read more

The Cloud: A Security Solution for Small Business

Let’s say it politely: Stuff happens.   Although natural or manmade disasters aren’t too common (we hope!), even a relatively minor disruption in your organization could grind your business to a halt if you don’t have a contingency plan in place. For a small business, this sort of stoppage can spell catastrophe. Here’s what to do to … Read more

Why You Can’t Ignore iPhone/iPad Security

It wasn’t too long ago that Apple was a mere blip in a Windows-dominated world. At least its modest market share meant Apple products flew under most cybercriminals’ radars. But now that Macs are hot again, we’re hearing more about malware attacks like the MacDefender scareware. And with Apple’s monstrously successful iPhone and iPad product … Read more

5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Mark Zuckerberg

First in an occasional series looking at career lessons you can learn from tech icons. He’s the world’s second youngest billionaire, turning 27 this past May. (The youngest — by eight days — is Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz.) He was portrayed in The Social Network (unfairly, some argue) as being socially awkward to the point that he … Read more