The Best Operating Systems for Computer Users

As modern trends of computing shift from desktop utilization to laptop or tablet, it became necessary to find a way to incorporate similar capabilities to traditional desktop monitoring.

This article will focus upon the best practices while recording a desktop session.

Computer Monitoring

Modern computers are equipped with a range of monitoring capabilities and hardware to comparable or even better than traditional desktop monitoring.

Key features of modern desktop monitoring include:

parental controls, anti-virus controls, file and printer sharing, availability of thechnetservice manualand a range of keyboardanners, and the like.

Parental controls are the controls that monitor the activity of the children and restrict their use of websites and the amounts of information that they can visit per session.  These types of controls are in addition to the conventional controls like firewalls and antivirus software.

Anti-virus controls are desired for protection against malware infections and advanced threats like spywares which can destroy data contents and compromise the integrity of data.

Kerberos is a mechanism that presents a degree ofInternet security and privacy, viaKerberoskering kily applications, which arise between a client and a web server.

However, capabilities of various software and browsers have been developed and can be used by individuals, which may impact the capabilities of Kerberos.

Individuals and providers should be aware of the capabilities of leading web browsers and software and how these might impact Kerberos.


antivirus is protective software that identifies and scans viruses and unwanted software for their presence on your computer.  In addition, it might enforce the limitations of acceptable computer behavior, by reporting the unsafe or harmful sites.


browsers are the user interfaces and programs that control the speed and accessibility of a computer’s web viewing.  Some browsers are well equipped to offer advanced views and options but others do not.


This is my novice opinion on the best operating systems for regular PC users.  Review your system requirements first.

Restricted Rights –  Rights are restricted in Windows 2000 and Windows XP; they can be used to limit the functions of a computer so that someone who is not a computer administrator can’t mess with your computer.

otedProfession – This is computer software that installs on your computer; it allows you to log on to a computer and manage its resources, programs and data.  This software is mostly used by administrators and power users.

Advanced Security – This is computer software designed to secure PCs remotely, via the internet or a local network.  Computer users who are well versed in network management can use this to secure their computer.

Remote PC – The desktop version of a computer that doesn’t require local or exchanged network to connect to a computer (as we normally do at home or workplace).  Remote PC can be used like your own computer; you can install it in servers, servers attached to your home broadband connection, workstations at home or workplace, or virtually anywhere.

ational Inc.  The company provides managed IT services to small business. According to the company’s website, “Safe and secure long-term storage of critical data is now a reality” (italics ours).

Backup encryption – secure encryption of all data that is stored on computers.  By encrypting data, it does not allow anyone to intercept and decode personal or credit card numbers, or anything else that could be sensitive according to your particular needs.

Remote tech support – when your computer breaks, finding the problem and fixing it are the same as having a technician’s come to your place and fix your computer.  Only companies with certified technicians can diagnose and correct technical problems.

When selecting your computer solution, it is important to look beyond price and simplicity.  Make sure there is service and support available.  Ask for a plan that includes a maintenance plan so your computer will be as long as possible.

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