Do You Need an iPad for Your Small Business?

Aside from a few niches, including publishing, Apple hasn’t been a huge player in the business market. For the past 20 years or so, small businesses have mostly chosen Windows-based PCs over Macs — and Macs are, after all, more expensive. Although it’s unlikely that any major changes are in store, Apple has opened a … Read more

Why CIOs Are Choosing the Cloud

Just two years ago, when Ted Gorsline launched MobileVantage, the Toronto-based entrepreneur relied heavily on USB thumb drives and email to share files between devices and colleagues. “It was hard to keep everything and everyone up-to-date,” recalls Gorsline. “We always had multiple versions of one document.” And if you forgot your laptop or smartphone, you … Read more

What Is Google Cloud Service?

Cloud computing is a new trend in IT that replaces software and hardware products with a subscription to a web-based service. The advantage of cloud computing is that it reduces latency by locating resources closer to users. As a result, the Google Cloud is the most popular choice for developers who need to manage and … Read more